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Orange tangled maybe-(Griffithsia flosculose)

Observed: 9th December 2011 By: nc5339
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bright orange tangle seen attached to rock amid holdfast of red algae.  maybe-(Griffithsia flosculose)

Seen attached to rock amid holdfast of red algae

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Orange tangle

The small orange tangle is possibly dead seweed, which makes id difficult. Your guess, G flosculose is not a name I recognise, but Halurus flosculosa used to be called Griffithsia flosculosa. Francis Bunker describes it as tufts of coarse red hair.


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Griffithsia flosculosA is an old name for Mrs. Griffiths's Little Flower (seaweed) see
Mrs Griffiths (Amelia Griffiths - Queen of Seaweeds) has dozens of seaweeds named after her (Wiki). She is to be the subject of an Observation, by me, on her probable birthday 14 January (1768).
Neither of these red algae are likely to be Halurus flosculosus (new name) but I suspect the broad frond might, just might, be Dulse - Palmaria palmata. But there really is no way of being certain.

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Ids too difficult

I am not sure the poster is still visiting the site, and my comment was of a taxonomic nature, not an id.
However, a birthday treat for us coming up next week.