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Observed: 9th December 2011 By: DavidHowdon
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This one with a group of Canada Goose. In the field it didn't quite give the impression of a 'pure' Greylag Goose (of a farmyard sort of form) although re-examining the photos I don't think there is much else in there.

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Greylag Goose

I am no expert I just love photographing birds. It looks like a Greylag in bill, build and head. My question is concerning the the colour, is the white a variant or is there some other reason. Forgive my ignorance.

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We have 3 of these on the

We have 3 of these on the river Ouse here in York, they tend to stick together as a group of 3, but within a larger flock of Greylag geese. They also seem to breed with the Greylags, and I have seen a normal coloured greylag and a white one pair up and rear chicks. We also have some adults that are like usual greylags with various flashes of white which I wondered if they are maybe a result of the breeding between the 2-?
I have often wondered about them. Is the white variant as result of breeding greylags for farm use, or is it a natural variant? The white ones do seem to be bigger than the other greylags but look like them in all other ways. I'm no expert at all but I was watching the white geese here just a few days ago :-)

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I suspect most 'odd' Greylags are the result of breeding for farming as there are a lot of different farmed varieties of Greylag and if these escape and breed back into a 'wild' population all sorts of oddities could arise.

Not impossible that a white aberration could occur naturally but in Southern England I think I'd lean strongly towards the presence of some 'domestic' stock in there.

David Howdon