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Dwarf Thistle

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Do other thistles sometimes appear stemless, because of grazing, perhaps? I know Eeyore likes them, but do cows, deer or rabbits? I'd love to know.

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Thistle Eating.

Sarah, can not speak for other grazing animals but I tell you what I know - apart from Eeyore :) my tortoise (Olivia) loves thistles I was astounded when she ate them, her favourite being milk thistle. She keeps them quite low in the warm months. So I am thinking other animals may graze them.


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Thanks for this! Haven't seen

Thanks for this! Haven't seen too many tortoises out on the downs yet :) but the tortoise I know is called Betty. She's partial to dandelions but I'm not sure if she's ever been able to try thistles. If I'm feeling very brave, I might pick her a couple next time I see her.

Mind you, a tortoise mouth looks quite tough - I'll keep a closer eye on the cows and rabbits next year. But I've noticed thistles standing proud in a field that was otherwise grazed quite short, so I was wondering...


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Forgot to add she does

Forgot to add she does occasionally enjoy nettles - makes me cringe.