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Do we have a badger living in our garden?

Observed: 20th November 2011 By: Glenn SingletonGlenn Singleton’s reputation in Mammals
hole in the garden

Is it possible we have badgers living, or at least visiting our garden?
A large hole in the garden (about a foot across) that appeared about a week after another large scrape had appeared but had been filled back in (presumably by the animal that made it).
We live near open fields, although the animal would need to cross a village road to get to our garden. Haven seen any actual animal near the whole, although the security light turns on and off a number of times each night.
We used to have badgers visit our garden in Devon, but didnt expect it in Oxfordshire?

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If it is a foot across I would think badgers are a strong possibility.

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Badgers in Oxfordshire

There's a thriving population of badgers in Wytham Wood so, provided they could make it across the A40, it's not that far to disperse to you.
There's a PTES badger watch at Wytham on 2 Jun 2012

Gill Sinclair
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It could be a fox - try

It could be a fox - try sticking your nose close and sniffing - fox earths have a rank musty smell, or a badger stop rather than a sett - they sometimes use stops to rest up at night.

If you cover a light with red cellophane (not the security lights which would melt it} they can't see red light and you can sit and watch, some unsalted peanuts or some cat or dog food may encourage them to linger - that way you'll see what you've got

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A hole that size and with so much waste soil outside it would appear to be badger. It is most likely, as mentioned above, a temporary stop or prospecting young male as there are no signs of bedding etc outside the hole.

Graham Banwell

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