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Fruticose lichen

Observed: 9th December 2011 By: th4957
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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found on an old branch. has shallow cup shaped discs.


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Usnea subfloridana

Looking again, I'm not convinced that the warty bumps are soredia or isidia now, so I've agreed with your ID to cancel out my own.


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Maybe one species anyway

This is difficult and the DNA people maintain that U. florida and U. subfloridana are a single species. But how carefully did they compare DNA and micromorphological characters of each sample??

Here, there are, I think, a very few isidia (or 'isidiomorphs') along the branches from the sides of the apothecia, but other branches are smooth, and I don't see an approach to the fertile state of U. subfloridana, which has these branches strongly isidiate and has a much more untidy appearance.