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5Кутинария маура

Observed: 24th September 2011 By: Вадим
Кутинария маура

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Fenwickfield if you look

Fenwickfield if you look closely you can see it has the remains of a nice cortina round the top of the stem and hints of brown spores so can't be a russula.

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Your right

I should have looked more closely as I can now see it so have agreed on your ID.


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Thomas, do you know the

Thomas, do you know the distribution of Cortinarius balteatocumatilis, is it likely to be found at the location shown? The image here on ispot does look like other images of this species but of course there are plenty of Cortinarius species

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I don´t know whether it has

I don´t know whether it has been reported from Russia, but there are verified findings from Estonia a few hundred kilometers from the location indicated here. The species is widely distributed throughout Europe, so it seems likely for it to occur in Russia as well. C. balteatocumatilis as fairly easy to identify from the robust fruitbodies and pale gills contrasting the violaceous cap. Resembling species have more or less bluish/violaceous colors on the gills as well (variecolor/nemorensis/largus group).

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Thanks for that Thomas. I

Thanks for that Thomas. I have changed my agreement to this species now based on your information.