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?Polecats in Cornwall lane near Bodmin

Observed: 3rd July 2011 By: trish marsh

4 animals came out of the hedge onto a deserted lane and started crossing it. It was near dark on a summers evening- say 9pm?
Some were more cautious than others. One came up and sniffed my foot while another one hissed. They went to and fro for a couple of minutes, several times in clear view.
They definitely had the colouring on the pictures of polecats and looked just like them. I assume they were youngsters. It was a lovely experience.
It would be nice to have a more expert opinion!

  • Polecats
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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using this site

Having to put longditude and latitude into my observation was highly offputting and I nearly gave up. I know it may be second nature for keen naturalists- but not for many of the general public who may want to join in.

It would be helpful to direct people to a website that helps with this.
I did just find one. So am very proud - having not thought about long or lat for 40 years..

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Well done you!

Sorry I can't help with the ID but you can 'Use Map' next to the long/lat panel when you enter your observation and type in the name of the nearest village at the top. It will perhaps offer you some choices and then put an icon on the map below. You can zoom in or move the map to get the exact spot then click there and then click 'done'. It will enter the long/lat automatically for you. I'm sure these instructions are in the Help section and probably explained far more clearly!
Good Luck!

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