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Chaffinch with enlarged feet.

Observed: 5th December 2011 By: jhn7
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We rarely have chaffinches visit our garden so I was quite distressed to see this poor bird with growths on it's feet. I regularly clean and disinfect our feeding trays and tables so hope I haven't contributed to it's problems. At least it can feed from the ground feeders' food.

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According to the RSPB there is a viral decease that causes deformities, especially in Chaffinces.


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Large Feet

I saw this last year in north Devon, Watersmeet, I believe. Again, chaffinches were infected. The three of us were also very distressed by the sight.

We never did find out what caused the condition and would appreciate if anyone could shed any light on it and indicate whether it is infectious and how it might affect susceptible birds.

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Thank you Chris and Devonian.

I've looked at the RSPB link which explains possible reasons. There seems to be little I can do.

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