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Squat lobster

Observed: 8th December 2011 By: eastbarnbyeastbarnby’s reputation in Invertebrates
Squat lobster
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It's a Galathea

but if it came from N.Yorkshire it's highly unlikely to be G.nexa which is a sublittoral species found in SW England and southwards to the Mediterranean. G.strigosa turns up on the Yorkshire intertial quite frequently but there isn't enough detail on the image for me to confirm its that species. It might be a good idea to add a new ID of Galathea species.

Mike Kendall

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Galathea nexa is very common

Galathea nexa is very common subtidally further up the coast around Durham even though Hayward and Ryland and other sources say it is more of a southerly species. But I agree this looks like squamifera!