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Foliose lichen

Observed: 7th December 2011 By: th4957
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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found on an old silver birch branch


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This isn't Hypogymnia physodes, which has a more tube-like, less leafy lobe structure.

I think it's a Punctelia species, but not sure which.

Edit: I'm more convinced by gardener's ID.


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hi nigel & gardener thanks

hi nigel & gardener
thanks for your suggestions/corrections ... having looked on the EOL website, i'm inclined to agree with gardener too!
as i'm new to this whole lichen thing, i'm really grateful for your input - neither of your suggested names were in my (limited) books, so i now have increased knowledge!
many thanks

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I made a mistake with that ID - I meant to put Platismatia glauca so I don't know what I was thinking of to have put Cetrelia instead!

(Oh where's an embarrassed Smiley?!)

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Fairly similar-looking, but yes - that looks like an even better match! I have yet to see either species.


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LOL Jenny, it's actually quite reassuring that there can be a crack (albeit an isolated one) in your usual efficiency.


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again, thanks Jenny! looking

again, thanks Jenny!
looking at other pics, that looks like the one ... interestingly, some of the other pics were taken close to here (north wales)!

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"LOL Jenny, it's actually

"LOL Jenny, it's actually quite reassuring that there can be a crack (albeit an isolated one) in your usual efficiency."

Blimey Alan - You've got the wrong impression of me, I've never been very efficient though right now there are lots of cracks opening up!