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Slime mould (cauliflower) 1

Observed: 16th April 2011 By: TurnstoneTurnstone’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Slime mould (cauliflower)          1

Saw this at Stenner Woods, S. Manchester in April.
First thoughts were fungus, but now think slime mould; although I've not
been able to ID it.


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I've seen Enteridium

I've seen Enteridium lycoperdum on a couple of occasions this year, and it's white in colour, with a relatively smooth outer layer. This slime mold is pale cream with with an outer layer that's a cross between coral and cauliflower.

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I had a look on the Web.
The young ones do have a bit more texture to them.
That is how i came up with it.


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Here is a photo of Enteridium

Here is a photo of Enteridium lycoperdon that looks a bit like this observation:

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The photo looks identical...

The photo looks identical... a youthful Enteridium lycoperdum.
Thanks to you both.