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Large Black Bracket Fungus on Large Tree

Observed: 5th October 2010 By: dannyatbdannyatb’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensdannyatb’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

These large black bracket fungi were found quite far up a tree in Nottingham. Is there enough shown in the image to know the possible species or not?


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Sorry, I am not very good with trees, so I don't know what tree it is, I didn't pay notice to what species the tree was, when i took the photo.

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Thanks, understood - with fungi it is often useful to look at the substrate, or surrounding plants as some fungi are very closely associated with host plants and identification of these can often aid the fungal identification.

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tree type

It is an ash tree which is associated with this bracket I found one a few weeks ago,it is the first on on the carousel.The tree on your observation is an Ash too.