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Braconid Wasp (Cotesia glomerata) Cocoon Mass? or Fungus?

Observed: 11th February 2010 By: dannyatbdannyatb’s reputation in Invertebratesdannyatb’s reputation in Invertebrates

Small fluffy cocoon mass found on some wood in my garden.

    Likely ID
    Braconid Wasp (Cotesia glomerata)
    Confidence: It might be this.
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not Cotesia glomerata

Cocoons (if that is what they are) are wrong colour. I'm really not sure these are wasp cocoons or something else. Can you keep them and see what emerges?

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Unfortunately this image was

Unfortunately this image was taking last year, so they will be long gone, I am just sifting through my old unidentified photo collection.
But if i find them again then i will make sure to rear them up to find out what they if, that's if they aren't something else like a fungus.