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Bluebells in December?

We have clumps of new bluebell leaves pushing through in our woodland garden. I assume they will die back when it gets coder, but will they still come again next spring?



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Lot's of spring plants start to emerge if mild in winter.I would not worry they will be stopped in there track's when it turns cold and flower at the right time.I had lots of stuff emerging but the snow and cold came yesterday.


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Winter bluebells

I too have bluebells in leaf - this seems to happen every year (maybe a bit earlier this year) and so far they have also flowered every year! Mine don't die back, they just seem to get stopped in their tracks around Xmas and then wait for spring...

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We have got them too

Our bluebells are about an inch high and as far as i can see they are frost proof and will "hold back" for a while once it gets cold and then continue when it warms up again.


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Nice to talk about bluebells

Nice to talk about bluebells bit early...