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Florida snake

Observed: 17th October 2004 By: sparkysparky’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptilessparky’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
Florida snake

Sorry not much to go on here - estimate length 30 cm girth 3-4cm

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I think you are right there is not much to go on, in fact it took me a moment to find the snake it is so well camouflaged!

I've looked through some books and checked distributions on the internet and the only snake I can find which is pale brown on the back and white on the underside is the eastern smooth earth snake (Virginia valeriae valeriae). Its the right size, looks right and appears to be in the right habitat; leaf litter. The only problem is you are about 30-40 miles outside of its reported range.

I have got the range from the Florida Museum of Natural History which, rather unhelpfully, records it as being found in Highlands County, around 30 miles to the south of your observation. It does swim readily and Highlands County and Kissimmee are linked by a series of lakes so it is possible it is more widespread than reported.

However, I can only stress this is an educated guess as the snake is so small in the photo and the light looks bright so the colours could be distorted.

Could you describe the snake, e.g. what colours did it appear to be? Did it have any distinctive markings - pattern on the back, ring round the neck etc.? I realise 2004 is a long time ago though!

Graham Banwell

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The small snake

Many Thanks for having a bash at this Naturalist Man - the snake was a dusky brown colour on top however only a fleeting view I am afraid and a 'pre-DSLR' photo with a first generation digi camera at distance!