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5 Beetle September

Observed: 1st October 2011 By: prcg
5 Beetle September

beetle/insect was over 2 inches long and thinner than looks in picture

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Western Conifer Seed Bug

The main ID of this this bug is the size, brown overall colouration and distinct diamond patern on the back. The hind legs have flattened ovid panels.

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The shape suggests a bug (hemiptera) but the size is confusing. Did you mean centimetres?

S Tomkins

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Western conifer seed bug

Have just checked it out - it's a recent invasive species. You can add to record of sightings on:

S Tomkins

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Leptoglossus not

Leptoglossus not Loptoglossus! That's why there is no link to NBN map and other images.

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Sorry, a slip of the typing finger I guess