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Brown Trout

Observed: 16th May 2006 By: sparkysparky’s reputation in Fish
Brown Trout
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could someone tell me what

could someone tell me what distinguishes a brown trout from a rainbow trout please

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If you search for rainbow trout on this site you'll see this page:

Rainbows are paler, with smaller spots and a pink sheen along the sides.

Bob Ford

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I know it souns silly, but

I know it souns silly, but can fish fart?

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Occasionally bubbles can be seen rising from the area where fish are feeding - however this is more likely to eminate from the mud at the bottom of the lake than the fish's vent. I suppose that any creature with a digestive system would in theory be able to produce flatus through the bacterial action on the foodstuff in the gut. Keepers of Koi carp will often feed a 'low protein' diet in winter - this means that there is less chance of the the build-up of gases in the stomach which may cause colic ( ie poorly fish)
PS: In the spirit of giving a complete answer I have just checked via a well-known search engine and apparently Herring can indeed 'break wind' as a form of communication in a shoal at night...
You learn something every day!!!!

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farty fish

Thank you very much.