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Red Squirrel Germany

Observed: 9th August 2006 By: sparkysparky’s reputation in Mammalssparky’s reputation in Mammals
Red Squirrel Germany
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Thanks! - as most red

Thanks! - as most red squirrels this one was completely oblivious of it's surroundings - shame about the flash reflections in the eyes though.....

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Does anyone know if red

Does anyone know if red squirrels have been seen in the south of england

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Isle of Wight Red squirrels

Hi fishfan1181 - seem to recall that there was a colony on the Isle of Wight. Going further North there was also a few at Formby and Mere Sands nature reserve between Chorley and Southport - not sure if they are still there though - there was a rapid depletion in the population once the greys moved in in the late 80s

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red squirrels

Definitely on the Isle of Wight and also on Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour, see

Bob Ford