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Unknown bird

Observed: 21st November 2011 By: ed stevensed stevens’s reputation in Birds
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? Red Legged Partridge

Not a very clear picture - but might just be this

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goldfinch was my first thought due to the yellow wingbars and the jizz but the blue/grey rump did not look right and i was not 100% convinced with the markings at the back of the head, but this could be due to the poor quality of the picture. But my sister did describe it has having a blue rump and thought it was very small

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If it was very small it certainly wasn't a Partridge! I can see why it might be a Goldfinch, but I'm not sure the photo is of sufficient quality to be certain

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Goldfinch or Partridge

This is a difficult one to have confidence in and thanks for the alternative view. I hadn't thought of Partridge mainly because I was going mostly on gut feel and to me it feels like it is a small bird and there is something I can't really describe that made me go for Goldfinch. Having seen your comments about it being a Partridge I have just had a look at the book and I think if it were a Partridge it would have to be a Red-Legged and we would notice the black striping transversing the pale areas on the wing - also I think the shape of these would appear different even if it were a crouching bird.