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Plain Beige Caddisfly

Observed: 25th February 2010 By: dannyatbdannyatb’s reputation in Invertebratesdannyatb’s reputation in Invertebrates

I don't know any details of where I found it or when, I just have the photos to show unfortunately. Anyone know the species anyway?


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Perhaps not if you have no recollection of the photos being taken - but do you have any information on the size?

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Sorry unfortunately i don't

Sorry unfortunately i don't know the size of it.

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Maybe have a look at the Oecetis group, I dont think the horns are long enough to be O. ochracea, but it could be a relative, eg, notata or O. lacustris. Sorry, antennae, they are called longhorn caddis. It might be one of these?

It looks reaslly like Oecetis Ochracea but the antennae should be twice that length so it cant be?


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I think the species is almost

I think the species is almost certainly O. ochracea. The point about the short antennae is good but look carefully and they are of different length, so almost certainly damaged during capture. I see oodles of Lepticerids like this as the antennae are very fragile.

Ian Wallace, UK Trichoptera Recording Scheme

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It certainly does look like

It certainly does look like it Ian. I see that species quite a lot and it is fairly distinctive with its delicate wings. I have to add though, I am not sure I have seen any of the other Oecetis.