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Observed: 1st December 2011 By: Embodybruce

Completely clear, looks like a lump of partially melted ice. Jelly like in consistency. There were lots of lumps from 2cm to 4cm in diameter on tufts of moss/grass.


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Perhaps in an older form

Perhaps in an older form where the colour has washed out?

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This is not Tremella - it

This is not Tremella - it neither looks like it, not is growing in the right place. I think we are back to the dreaded 'space jelly' - or is it 'star jelly? Google if you want to explore the murkier corners of the 'space jelly' story - and there is an article on this site as well (use the 'Search iSpot' function).



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Aaagh! (or LOL?)

For "discharged from a lady", read "discharged from a lady FROG".

I added the ID before seeing these other comments. There is a page on the site where the jelly is more mature and can be seen to be developing spawn.

See http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/101544?nav=news_stories

The Daily Record (Oct.22nd 2011) had a report with the headline "Return of the Blob", and claimed it was previously last seen in Scotland, in 2009 - but of course it is a quite frequent event in wet hill grassland.