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Fungus in garden

Observed: 3rd December 2011 By: frogletta

Large flat capped toadstool with brown scales on cap and white gills. caps up to 10cm across. Swollen base to stem. Growing on earth path in leaf litter under a crab apple tree. Several fruiting bodies in evidence,all large.


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Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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What does the specimen smell

What does the specimen smell like?
Where they growing in clumps or separately?

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Lepiota rhacodes

Thank you. I was just coming to that same id too. The fungi are not in clumps but separate. The fungus has a slight mushroomy smell. Flesh goes pink on cutting. Guess I just missed seeing the parasol stage and these are mature specimens.

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Name change

I see on Encyclopedia of Life that the name changed from 2002 - my Roger Phillips is 33 years old!

S Tomkins

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From the little I know the

From the little I know the names change every 33 days, never mind years! If you click the "Get Recommended" link when you add an ID, iSpot inserts the latest name it recognises. That way any recent observations with the same ID will appear on the page.