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Young Mink

Observed: 15th July 2010 By: Duxbury RamblerDuxbury Rambler’s reputation in MammalsDuxbury Rambler’s reputation in MammalsDuxbury Rambler’s reputation in Mammals
Young Mink
Young Mink
Young Mink

It was fearless and attacked our boots when we got too near, it was eating a mole and only strolled off after it had eaten the lot!

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I live in Cornwall, one of the areas which had a real problem with mink, there were many Fur farms here in the 60's. Living by a river and keeping poultry, have seen first hand the devastation caused by these ferocious little characters. For a while mink were blamed for the near extinction of the water vole. I do believe it is still legal to hunt mink with hounds in this country.

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Amazing encounter and photos

That was an amazing encounter and these are great photos. Quite sobering to think how fearless this youngster is. Lock up your guinea pigs!!

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It was beautiful to see it even though we could do with out it - we even had time to get a small video of it at the time, Hope the link works.

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Apparently the current

Apparently the current populations of mink are around 110 000. and were first introduced from north america in 1920 for its pelt.