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Immature Compost worm Eisenia veneta

Observed: 1st January 1970 By: igm54
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Compost Worm ~ Eisenia veneta
Compost Bucket breeding area
Eisenia veneta
Eisenia veneta
Knot of Eisenia veneta

Pink and stripy immature worms that crawl out of my compost bin. They have been breeding all over the summer and autumn months and fall off the bin lid in knots when I open it up to add vegetation. I must have seen hundreds of these worms over these months. They are around the rim of the bucket too and I have to wait till they clear before putting the lid back on.

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Compost worm ( Eisenia veneta)

Syrphus, you were so fast, the proverbial early bird! - thanks for the input but I had just put it up for a few moments while I looked for more photo's and done a bit of research through the very site you recommended OPAL. It seems more like (I thought) to be the Compost Worm ( Eisenia veneta)since it comes out of my compost bin. As I said I will have a look when the sun is up properly and see if there are any available for a photo-shoot. The last time it was very cold they kept out of sight - I guess they kept buried in the heat of the compost. Will try and update today. Thanks again. Isobel

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Sounds good for Eisenia from

Sounds good for Eisenia from your description, but the picture is not good enough to be sure. There are two Eisenia, both easily told because of the pale stripes between the segments. The easiest difference is the colour of the saddle, but it is not easy to see from your pic whether these are mature enough to have a saddle. The pdf linked to on that page I gave you has a very easy 'follow the arrows' key to all the common species. Have fun!


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More photo's

I have nipped out in the freezing rain and got a few more photos that I hope are a bit clearer. I had a quick look at the HBRG site and will have a good look at it later but I am technically a Lowlander so I do not fall into their area, although its all Scotland and I will enjoy their reports just the same. Thanks

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Try the I-spot key

We also have our own key here waiting to be tried out. I have them living in under ground compost heaps that are covered with thin topsoil and planted with shallow rooted veg for the first year. I am waiting for the frost and then i can try the parsnips grown on the second year over one of these.