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Parrot's Feather

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Parrot's Feather

Very vigorous freshwater plant (milfoil) with fine pinnate leaves

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Parrot's-feather is a highly

Parrot's-feather is a highly invasive non-native plant that has escaped or been introduced into the wild. It outcompetes our native aquatic fauna and blocks water ways, preventing oxygenation of the water and thus suffocating aquatic fauna. It's also extremely hard to eradicate. However, it is still being sold in garden centres as an ornamental pond plant!

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parrot feather v water violet

Can anyone tell me how to spot the difference when they are not in flower? even in a wildlife book they both look the same to me! but one's a pest, the other very nice!!


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Help with Identification

Pages 25 & 26 of a pdf at in comparing the two plants explains; "Water-violet (Hottonia palustris), which is absent from Scotland, also has superficially similar leaves. They look more like ‘herring bones’ than feathers, the ‘bones’ being clearly flattened. Also the leaves are not in whorls (they may superficially appear so at the base of the flower spike),but are alternate along the stems."


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