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Observed: 27th March 2010 By: Laurie DauntLaurie Daunt’s reputation in BirdsLaurie Daunt’s reputation in BirdsLaurie Daunt’s reputation in Birds
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Seems to have a slight crown and white belly

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Might be a pipit

I can't see a crest, so think it would be worth considering meadow pipit as well (though normally the stripes/spots would come further down the body then).

Were there any other features or behaviours that fit with skylark?


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More features

Noticed it flying,did a very steep and rapid decent, Meadow pipit does not have a white belly, more spotted

Laurie Daunt

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Possibly a Water Pipit

Possibly a Water Pipit but a bit large for one, slightly bigger then a Blackbird

Laurie Daunt

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Original ID is correct

This is a Skylark, and fits perfectly with the original ID in all respects.
Skylarks do usually show a fairly obvious crest, but this can be held flat so is not always visible.
Size of birds can be very difficult to judge unless they are alongside each other and can be directly compared - this would have to be a huge skylark for it to be larger than a Blackbird! Skylarks do often look quite bulky though.

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Agreed, crest is not always apparant

Colin Jacobs.
Wild Flower Society member

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Too big for a Water Pipit, Skylark it is then

Laurie Daunt