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The Shark?

Observed: 31st May 2011 By: YashcaYashca’s reputation in InvertebratesYashca’s reputation in InvertebratesYashca’s reputation in InvertebratesYashca’s reputation in Invertebrates
The Shark
Shark, other angle
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Shark/Chamomile Shark

I'm inclined towards Shark on the basis the dark veins don`t appear to extend out into the fringes, but it is a difficult call as the edges of the wings are rather battered! The dat isn`t much help either - Shark is usually later than Chamomile Shark but your date is right in the middle.


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I agree with Nick

It is hard to be sure on this one. Seems to have the brown streak which indicates shark but a higher resolution shot of the wingtip and (ideally) a view of the hindwing would help.

David Howdon

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Just found another picture of

Just found another picture of the moth in the background of another moth, though I doubt it will do much for the identification.

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The other image shows the other (less damaged) wing. From that it seems that the black marks on the wing do not extend into the fringes of the forewing outer edge. So to me that makes it a Shark.

Your county moth recorder might nevertheless require that it be dissected to determine the ID.

David Howdon