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Armillaria mellea Honey Fungus

Observed: 12th November 2006 By: miked
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Armillaria mellea Honey Fungus

I am trying to put together a bunch of Honey fungus pictures that show the range of different types and suitable ID features. Its probably impossible to separate all the different species from the field characters but hopefully might give a reasonable idea of what to look out for especially as this is one of the most frequently observed fungi on ispot.
Have made a start below with some of my armillaria observations:
not sure how best to bring the images together to compare side by side


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Species interactions

Species with which Armillaria interacts


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Perhaps A. gallica with the

Perhaps A. gallica with the very swollen stems, all the various groups up the trunk has very swollen stems.

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A gallica has a cortina like

A gallica has a cortina like ring so not right for this one. I bow to Alan but think this is A ostoyae.

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I have saved this page very useful thanks for doing it as I personally find them to be rather variable,and at times hard to id.