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Black (pine?) ladybird

Observed: 24th March 2010 By: allison_reid99allison_reid99’s reputation in Invertebratesallison_reid99’s reputation in Invertebratesallison_reid99’s reputation in Invertebratesallison_reid99’s reputation in Invertebrates
black ladybird2
black ladybird

Small ~4mm black ladybird with 4 red splodges on back. Seen on a walnut tree. It does seem to have the rim described. Seen in the last photo next to a 7-spotted ladybird for a good size comparison.

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Pine Ladybird

Yes, this is a Pine Ladybird - as you say, the shape of the front spots is distinctive, but only for an individual this small - Harlequins are very variable, and both the melanic forms sometimes have the front spots as a similar comma shape, but they're a minimum of 5mm long, the same size or larger than the 7-spot. The melanic forms of the 2-spot are another confusion possibility, but the front red spots are squarish, and right on the shoulder, without a black border between them and the edge of the elytra. The all-black pronotum is also a good feature to look for, although again the Harlequin does occur from time to time with no white on the pronotum! Finally, the Pine has a lip at the bottom of the elytra, which is far more pronounced than the Harlequin

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