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Garden escapee?

Observed: 28th October 2010 By: FrancineFrancine’s reputation in PlantsFrancine’s reputation in PlantsFrancine’s reputation in PlantsFrancine’s reputation in Plants

There was a large patch of this plant on the north coast of Guernsey. I can't find anything like it and wonder if it's a garden escapee?
The patch was about 1.5m high, and it looked vaguely succulent. The flowers were about 1cm, cream, with rolled back petals. The fruits were also about 1cm and bright green at this time.

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Salpichroa origanifolia

There is one site on the Isle of Wight where this species grows that happens to be in my home village.It grows by the side of a footpath and also in the adjoining garden.

According to the Isle of Wight Flora(Pope,Snow and Allen)it is the oldest recorded population of Salpichroa in the country. It is known as "Cock's Eggs".It was first recorded on the IOW in 1927.

I was staggered to to see this species on Sao Miguel Island,Azores last year where it grows close to the sea in huge stands, literally hectares of it and seems also to have taken over vegetable patches and gardens!It is also listed in the RHS Dictionary of Garden Plants and the RHS Index of Garden Plants,but personally I have never seen it cultivated in gardens.

It is known also as the "Pampas Lily of the Valley"Not surprisingly it comes from Argentina.

David J Trevan

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Very interesting, I've never heard of it. I've just found has a section on the Channel Islands and it's listed there.