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Automn Gorse

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Automn Gorse

This Gorse started to die back during the summer and then just as we thought we were going to loose it growth and autumn flowers appeared. There is a forum topic on this one.
Growing at the foot of a south facing limestone cliff by a bridle path.

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Well there are three species

Well there are three species of gorse in the U.K, western gorse (Ulex gallii) dwarf gorse (Ulex minor) and common/european gorse (Ulex europaeus). Dwarf gorse is only found in the south and south east of england as is easily identifiable as it is very short and grows no arger than 1 meter. The other two species however are quite difficult to tell apart.
Some people say you can tell them apart by when they flower as common gorse flowers in the spring and western flowers in the autumn, however that isn't always the case as common gorse can flower in the autumn too..

Other differences between common and western gorse include height, western gorse being shorter than european gorse which grows to 2-3 meters also the flowers of western gorse are darker than that of european gorse.

Both species can however hybridize so it is very difficult to say which is which.

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Gorse in bloom

The old quotation "When the gorse is out of bloom, kissing's out of fashion" holds true - if you look hard enough you will find gorse in flower most of the year.