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Observed: 25th November 2011 By: susanem

Spotted this bird in the garden. Is it is hybrid Greenfinch x Goldfinch? Sorry about the poor quality pics but they were taken through the window.

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Is this a hybrid looking at

Is this a hybrid looking at the shape of the beak and the face/head colouring?


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canary escape? - certainly a

canary escape? - certainly a finch of some kind - need help from someone with more experience!

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I think you are right that there is some Goldfinch involved in this bird. In order to say more, a different angle, showing the back and wings would have been useful. It may be a Greenfinch x Goldfinch, as you suggest. Someone with more knowledge of cage birds might have a better idea, if its origins are not wild.


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The size of the beak

The size of the beak precludes canary for starters - there is degree of variation in any species it is far more likely to be a aberant greenfinch than a hybrid between species that aren't even in the same genus.

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I don't think the beak is

I don't think the beak is significant - see for example Goldfinch x Canary mules are commonplace, and extremely variable, and several have been posted on iSpot.



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Goldfinch x Canary mules

This seems most likely. I am sure that Goldfinch is in there, as the face pattern, though faint, is right for Goldfinch. As Syrphus says, these have been posted on iSpot several times, so there must be plenty of them on the loose.


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