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Creeping Cinquefoil

Observed: 9th July 2009 By: JaseJJaseJ’s reputation in PlantsJaseJ’s reputation in Plants
Creeping Cinquefoil
Creeping Cinquefoil

Found creeping across the meadow and can also form large mats where the meadow meets the footpath. Fairly common at this location. Flowering since early June.

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Creeping cinquefoil

The only other plant similar to this is tormentil Potentilla erecta. Tormentil however has some errect stems, you say all your stems were creeping along the ground. Also tormentil usually has only four petals, though I did find a plant up in the North York Moors with five.

The other give away is the palmate leaf with five leaflets, tormentil's leaves are usually only split into three.

Graham Banwell

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