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Miked - glossy ibis - 7 March 2004 - 12:25pm

Observed: 7th March 2004 By: miked
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glossy ibis

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Interesting! Did you see

Interesting! Did you see this in Milton Keynes?

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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no, if you zoom in on the

no, if you zoom in on the map you will see exactly where i spotted it, just behind a hedge. i had no idea it was there so rather a shock, i also spotted a water rail and snipe in the same field just by carefully looking through gaps in the hedge. remarkable really since they are such shy birds and there were quite a few people walking past on the road. the ibis stayed for a couple of years i think so there were not flocks of twitchers.

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If you want to have a pin placed on the map for a exact location, you need to zoom in to a sufficient magnitude. You'll see the icon on the map change when you have (this is when you're creating location).

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glossy ibis

Odd how often these turn up in the UK, seeing as they are not at all common on the continent. A couple of years ago no less than 17 turned up in Gloucestershire in one flock!

Bob Ford

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Any chance you cold click on

Any chance you cold click on the version of the ID with the scientific name so it gets linked properly to the species dictionary. Also could you check some of your other early agreements for bird species as a number of them are not linked to the dictionary and as an expert your weight is important in choosing which of the ID's is likely ID. I can't remember if the dictionary system was operating in those very early days of ispot.

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Glossy Ibis

Just an update on Dec 19th. 2009

During the last 4- 5 weeks 3 Glossy Ibis have been seen on the Avalon Marshes at Ham Wall (RSPB reserve) and Catcott Lows (Somerest Wild life trust)

Reg Redmore