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Gold finches

Observed: 27th March 2010 By: sirhandlesirhandle’s reputation in Birdssirhandle’s reputation in Birds

Group (right word?) of Gold Finches feeding of the niger seed on my garden feeder. I've had up to 11 of these at any one time and they make a racket when approaching. I never grow tired of watching these exotic looking birds.

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A charm of Goldfinches

I always remember that one from those lists of collective nouns you see from time to time (parliament of Rooks, etc). I think it can apply to any finch. I don't know whether birders actually use that sort of thing though, probably just stick to the generic 'flock'.


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A charm somehow fits this

A charm somehow fits this bird. It would be more appropriate to call them a 'racket' of finches though. I always know when they're on the way!

Just go out there and do it!!!

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Great photo, I'm hoping for Goldfinches on my feeder, I shall go out and get Niger seeds soon, do you have trouble with big annoying pesty birds such as Pigeons and Parakeets?

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Dont have parakeets this far

Dont have parakeets this far north. Occasional pigeon but the starlings chase them.

Just go out there and do it!!!