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Is this a Field Blewit?

Observed: 29th November 2011 By: Murl
field blewit

I have seen a lot of these over the last week. im 95% sure that its a field Blewit but would like confirmation.
The cap starts convex and then opens out growing up to 13cm wide. The cap is light brown, The gills and stalk are both lilac/light purple. Spore is light brown/orange although i would hesitate to say it was pink.
Growing in rings in grassland, some around a treestump.


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Cap colour variable.

Wood Blewit has a highly variable cap colour from pure lilac to pallid brown, even changing as it matures. I've been watching lots of specimens daily in my local wood and grassland, my largest has not grown to your size (only 10 cm) but has taken on the form a Murano glass vase! The flesh is also bluish lilac like your photo, not whitish or pinkish-buff as in Lepista saeva.

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