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Fen violets flowering in Nov?

Observed: 19th November 2011 By: loshad1loshad1’s reputation in Plants
 Fen violets flowering in Nov?

Heart shaped leaves, with distinctive violet smell from violet flowers tinged with white.

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If this is a fen violet its

If this is a fen violet its an amazing find as they are supposed to be the rarest native violet and only found on 3 sites in the south east.It is also a protected species.

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Fen violets?

I think you maybe right. It was the heart shaped leaves which set me off on the wrong track, the field guide I was using showed photos of Dog violet with much paler flowers. Just goes to show what an excellent resource this site is. Luckily I have pressed some flowers from this plant, so will have another look,in more depth. Incidentally, if anyone has tips on pressing flowers,it would be appreciated.

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Botanical Hotspot

According to my Guide book, the Fen Violet has rounded bluish white petals (not lilac) and the spur is short and greenish (not lilac)flowering May-June. It grows only in a few East Anglian fens, and locally and in W. Ireland too. Regards


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The Great Fen Project

This is a really great find as there is an effort to try to re-introduce this into more suitable habitats by "The Great Fen Project" in Cambridgeshire. It is being done in 3,700 hector wet land