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Pine Marten feeding survey

If you're lucky enough to have Pine Martens in your area your help would be appreciated with a survey being conducted by the University of Stirling. PhD student Laura Kubasiewicz is looking at the use of feeders (including bird or squirrel feeders) by Pine Martens.

The survey is at:

and there is further background information at:

Laura says:
"There are many anecdotal reports of pine martens visiting feeders in people's gardens and reserves etc, which have been put up for birds, squirrels and indeed pine martens themselves. Researchers at Stirling University are trying to find out what makes a successful feeder - if you have ever seen pine martens at a feeder in your garden or where you work, or have tried to attract them to feeders (successfully OR unsuccessfully) you can help by completing this short survey. All information provided will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to any third parties."