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Wild rabbit

Observed: 2nd November 2011 By: mattcoolfarmermattcoolfarmer’s reputation in Mammalsmattcoolfarmer’s reputation in Mammals
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Scientific name

You need to put on the scientific name or someone else will and then they get the credit for the id,just click the recommended button


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Name chance

Ispot seem's to have given you the wrong name as it's Oryctolagus cuniculus.


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Good attention to detail Sheila!!

I just saw the scientific name had gone up and agreed - Oh dear.

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Rabbit Rabbits everywhere :-)

No worries Janet these things happen :-) It gets everyone to think and keeps us on the ball. Dont be put off - keep em coming

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I'm afraid this is not Europe's first record of Amami rabbit (Pentalagus furnessi), indeed the first outside of Japan. The fur is not dark enough, Amami rabbits have black fur. Also the ears are too long and not pink. In addition the animal lacks the bare pink skin rings around the eyes.

Sorry, my little joke, I couldn't resist! As a matter of interest, where did you get the scientific name of Pentalagus furnessi from?

I didn't realise rabbits had taken up rock climbing, was it wearing little crampons on its paws?

Graham Banwell

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The total damage cost for the

The European rabbit is the uk most non native invasive mammal.

The total damage cost for the European rabbit in the United Kingdom was estimated at $183,000,000 per year, with only around $5,000,000 spent on control of the species.

That should read pounds, not dollars ...