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Parasol Mushroom

Observed: 26th November 2011 By: torriskytorrisky’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenstorrisky’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Not sure precisely what kind of macrolepiota they might be.


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See if it looks like

See if it looks like, another large floppy parasol.

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What did the cap look and

What did the cap look and like how coloured was it?

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Thanks Martincito and Flaxton

Thanks Martincito and Flaxton for taking the time to reply. I've added another photo that shows the top of the mushrooms (I missed this one when I first posted the observation). I hope that clears things up. Looking again at the photo I just added, the mushrooms appear a bit more colourful than the M. Konradii in your link Martincito.

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The caps do show the

The caps do show the cogwheel- or star-shaped central discs associated with M. konradii (Collins guide) :-)

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Whith this pale colour it

Whith this pale colour it could also be Macroleptiota puellaris.

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That one is new to me, and

That one is new to me, and rather tricky to track down in the books, presumably to a series of name changes. It certainly looks like these photos from what I can see on the web. The latest name for it that I can track down is Leucoagaricus nympharum...

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That's the one.

That's the one. It is almost totally white with a slightly darker centre.