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Observed: 18th November 2004 By: Goniffe

I found two of these on a beach a few miles out of Sidney,Australia in November 2004 and have asked various people what they are and no one seems to know.They were about 4 inches in diameter and as I recall seem to consist of a crumbly jelly like substance.Im not even sure if they are of animal or plant origin.

    Likely ID
    Sand snail (Polynices)
    Confidence: It might be this.
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Mystery object

I would say they were of animal origin but that is as far as I can go. My first thought was eggs of a large marine snail (like frog spawn) but I can not see any embryos. Another thought was some kind of jellyfish.

I suggest you change it to the invertebrate section of iSpot (just open your original posting and change mammal to invertebrate), there are marine invertebrate experts there.

Graham Banwell

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Mystery object.

Mysterious, indeed. A long shot: a squirt?? No visible siphons, but..?