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Observed: 26th November 2011 By: jw68jw68’s reputation in Mammals
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Thanks for advice. still

Thanks for advice. still finding my way around ispot!

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Wild rabbit

Ah! at last a photo of one of them highly dangerous Cornish red-eyed rabbits. I believe they only come out on dark, misty nights. From what I've heard you were very lucky to get this photo and come away alive.

Sorry, I watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail a couple of nights ago and the killer rabbit scene was fresh in my mind! I think it is too late at night, time to sign off iSpot.

Graham Banwell

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I remember that too,I do think that you were ok putting wild rabbit on as you had the scientific name right and we all have different common names.


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Cornish red-eyed rabbit!

come to think of it,it did sit and stare at me for 5 mins!also i was out horse riding 2 weeks ago and saw a large black rabbit in a field.obviously an escapee shame i never had my camera.it looked in good health.

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not so

You can get black ones I added one on ispot a while ago.