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Observed: 8th October 2011 By: scorp3010

I dug several of these up from what looks like, an old vegetable patch. Just wondering if it's edible?! I would have guessed some sort of artichoke, but not sure about all the side shoots????

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Any idea what the leaves were

Any idea what the leaves were like? Could you give us a photo of it with the earth washed off? As it is, it looks like a carrot to me, but it's difficult to tell from the photo.

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May be a domesticated parsnip.
The get ID jumped strait to Wild Parsnip.


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Considering that it was dug

Considering that it was dug up from (probably) an old vegetable patch, it is much more likely to be domesticated parsnip than wild.

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the skin on it looks like a

the skin on it looks like a parsnip.ive grown quite a few parsnips and some of them have come out with side shoots which are all differant shapes and sizes.i had one that had the foliage and colour of a carrot but had taste and texture of a parsnip!