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Woodland Mushroom 2

Observed: 25th November 2011 By: gillydormouse

To give a sense of scale it was photographed on an A4 sheet of paper


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Glad you did the sporeprint

Glad you did the sporeprint as this shows it has dark coloured spores whereas the parasols have light coloured spores! Its one of the Agaricus species, could do with more info, where was it found, did it have any kind of smell, was there any colour change on stem or cap when they were damaged(it looks as if there was n't any colour change).

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Thank you for your comments. It was found in an ancient woodland close to a path. It smelt mushroomy and there wasn't any colour change when the flesh was damaged. It was hard to tell whether it had ever had a ring on it's stem and there were no younger specimens nearby to check. I would never eat a mushroom I couldn't identify, but it looked and smelt appetising.