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_MG_3781 waxcap

Observed: 26th November 2011 By: miked
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Slightly sticky when kissed.


No identification made yet.

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Cut stem

Did you cut through the stem,as there are two similar, one has orange flesh full becoming hollow and the other flesh orange full does not become hollow


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I did n't cut them but if the

I did n't cut them but if the frost or cows don't get them this week I will probably go back and have another look, thanks.

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suggested identification

I think it may be a Goblet Waxcap(Hygrocybe cantharellus but i am not sure.

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It can't be Hygrocybe

It can't be Hygrocybe cantharellus if the cap is sticky. H. cantharellus has a dry squamulose cap. Was the stem sticky/moist or dry?

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I did not test the stem, i

I did not test the stem, i only tested the cap and that was slightly sticky.