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Unknown fly

Observed: 19th November 2009 By: loshad1loshad1’s reputation in Invertebrates
 Unknown fly
 Unknown fly
 Unknown fly

Whilst out for walk last week came across hedgerows full of what I think was wild angelica (not sure on plant id , it was one of the umbelliferae)On each head there were many insects feeding including many of these. Quite large flies similar to a horsefly.

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Dung fly

Thank you, just looked it up and believe you are quite right. Am feeling quite embarrassed though after years of working with horses you would have thought I would of recognized it. Amazing how little we see!

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No wonder

With all that tack to look after and all the grooming you never get time to look at the wildlife. My sister had a horse when i was a teenager. It is the trees you get a better look at!!!


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Dung fly!

The orange colour and shape point towards this ID.