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Young bat with tick attached

Observed: 22nd September 2011 By: pollardm

This bat emerged from wall cladding, obviously forced out by the discomfort caused by the tick, to which it was occaisonally reacting with jerks. It was very hot and we were afraid it would dehydrate. We know that it is illegal to interfere with a bat, but it was very clear what needed doing, and we removed the tick by grabbing it's head with very fine tweezers, avoiding squashing the tick's body. Using gloves, the bat was gently nudged back towards the cladding, when it climbed quickly back underneath,twittering and getting much answering vocalisation from behind the cladding. We didn't see it again and assumed all was well.

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Change to mammals

I think you have this in the wrong category! If you change it to mammals using the edit tab at the top of the observation, you may get more interest.

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same request

Was about to say the same as some experts only go through certain section's and it is the mammal experts that you need,Sorry I cannot help but don't know anything about bats


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A word for the tick

If bats are rare, then bat ticks are even rarer. What if that was the last of its kind or a yet unrecognised species? Take a look at David Dodds' website at http://www.plecotus.co.uk/page_1202055462125.html
He might be able to identify it for you.

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Not a long-eared bat.

I agree that it looks more pip-ish, definitely not a long eared bat though.