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Observed: 8th November 2011 By: Salaris
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Yes it might be this but then it might be one of a number of similar sunbirds so I can’t agree. Lovely though aren’t they, sunbirds are one of my favourite species.



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I'm not that sure either

Much easier to tell in the field.
Could be an emerald sunbird too.
I wish I knew more about them.

James P Deans

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If you look at the beak on

If you look at the beak on the left hand bird closely it is obvious these are not sunbirds -I thought a weaver of some sort or a cuckoo shrike to start with now I think it may be a flycatcher but of the two most likely bluemantled has a wing bar and white tail has white outer tail coverts - neither has a white supercilium

You are right sunbirds ae lovely but the birds in the picture are not sunbirds

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Although the left hand bird

Although the left hand bird most probably isn't a sunbird (although I can't discount a young sunbird as I am not familiar with the species) the right hand one could still be as you can't see the bill in this photo. I see there is another photo (in another observation) of the green bird with the bill exposed and it looks to be a sunbird as it is feeding from a flower.

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The left hand bird looks very

The left hand bird looks very sparrow like

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Which is why I wondered about

Which is why I wondered about weavers

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South African website

Please note that there is a South African iSpot at where you are likely to get faster and more accurate identification of local species.