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Paw prints Dec 2009

Observed: 26th December 2009 By: rumpus
Paw prints 1 Dec 2009
Paw print 2 Dec 2009
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It is neither a big cat nor a

It is neither a big cat nor a marten. Both have a large pad behind the toes, absent here. Martens have 5 toes. The print is modified by melting, but I think a slowly-hopping Rabbit is right - the small marks are the front feet, the others the long back feet (not toe-marks as you have assumed).



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Drats again!

I'm afraid this is a rabbit slowly hopping as described above. If it were a big cat then not only is the hind pad missing but it would be enormous, bigger even than a tiger! Snow melt always makes prints look bigger than they are but I'm afraid not this big.

Graham Banwell

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