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Observed: 22nd November 2011 By: rosemarycs

Chunky fungi on my lawn - 3-4cm diameter in several clusters as shown in photos. Overnight there were 9 species of fungi mostly on the lawn, some very small, some big (parasol) mostly in clusters or a line. Someone suggested these might be honey fungus. I hope not.


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Can you add any photos of the gills and stem close up please as will help with identification.


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Sadly, no. My grass cutting man came and destroyed them all. I managed to get quick pictures before I had to go out but realize now I should have picked a sample of them all. Perhaps they will come again!


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Its not honey fungus as it

Its not honey fungus as it has dark coloured spores (look at the bits of grass near the caps) whereas honey fungus spores are light coloured. Also the cap is changing colour as it dries out, possibly a psathyrella?